Staying Consistent When It Gets Cold: By Coach Brit Fryer


Staying Consistent When It Gets Cold: By Coach Brit Fryer

It was just yesterday that everyone wanted to WOD in front of one of the giant fans to beat the heat. As the temperature drops, the temptation to lose focus on your fitness goals rises with holidays and snowfall. Don’t let the fall and winter be motivation zappers and throw off the progress you’ve made all year!  Here are some key tips to combat the freezing mornings and dark evenings and keeping your training consistent.

  1. PREPARE THE NIGHT BEFORE: Be sure to pack your gym bag the night before. You are way less likely to keep hitting snooze or walk right past the gym in favor of home if you spent time preparing yourself to come to the gym the day before. Once you are here and ready to start, you’ve already completed the hardest part. 
  2. SET A SEASONAL GOAL: Having a goal or something to train towards is always a great way to stay motivated. Perhaps you want to compete in a competition like Flex On The Beach or Wodapalooza. Perhaps you are going to learn rope climbs this winter. By having a short or mid-term goal in your mind, you’ll be more accountable in your day to day to training. (PS let your coaches know about your goal! We’re here to help!) 
  3. BUDDY UP: Even if you can’t recognize them when they are covered in a puffy coat, get yourself a workout wingman. Have a person that you can text during the week, set workout dates, and WOD with. Friends don’t let friends skip workouts.
  4. LEAN INTO YOUR NUTRITION: The winter is coming so no need to worry about the nutrition side of things, right? WRONG!!! Even though were bundled up, now is the perfect time to focus on fueling properly. We’re inside more meaning we have more time to cook and try new and healthy recipes.  
  5. TREAT YOURSELF TO SOME COLD WEATHER GEAR: I’m guilty of having gym gear for every season. Everyone loves new gym gear, so buy yourself some new warm workout clothes. Switch out shorts for sweatpants or leggings and grab some stylish long-sleeve shirts. You’ll feel like you just HAVE to go to the gym to show off your new look. (PS. I highly recommend the Outbreak Hockey sweatshirts.)

Losing all the sunshine of summer can make us feel unmotivated but hopefully, these tips for keeping you engaged over the end of fall and throughout the winter have been helpful. Come in and have fun no matter which season of the year! 

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